The pangs of loneliness and anxiety -OLD AGE#

Hello folks, 

Generations after generations people are coming and leaving the world or a so called ‘Stage’ which specifically god made for everyone to come and act… Act means to present themselves in the best of what they are that is their karmas which will be rewarded according to their conferral. My topic is somehow related to the generation gap only!

  • Living in the 21st century we are gifted with more machines &tech support that leads to relief, life becomes easy, relaxing and more comforting…and a thought of living for self. It’s a great approach, but leading to this theory we are missing something which has lots to do with our own life and the people related to us. We never have imagined that it would also become a social issue but it is! ๐Ÿ˜‘

We all are busy in our daily agenda, going out running for money expanding and moving out of our comfort zones but this routine erases from our mind that we have some responsibilities towards our parents. They are the one who never demands, they selflessly works for us ,they are the one who bought us to this beautiful world and who wants us to attain all the success, name, fame and power.. They makes us liable to attain so. We are never concerned about them as though how they are feeling..or leading a life of loneliness and separation. Luckily people who have their grand parents with them they are fortunate enough to have their list of experiences and lessons that they could learn. (I do so)      Our parents never left us during our childhood When we went against or when we indulged in a oral fights with them..they always understood us but we are neglecting their emotions. We must understand their feelings, expressions of what they need because their experience Is much more than we possess, and the word generation gap is just a term. We are just their modified versions but the values and roots are their vouchsafe๐Ÿ˜Š

I just thought of writing this because of what I see around. How sad is this that today’s youth have no time to sit for 10 mins with them.. Otherwise it’s a major issue to ponder over  that why Is the need of old age homes when they have their own houses๐Ÿ˜ž 

I hope that this article would some what proves fruitful if read and understood on emotional basis ๐Ÿ™‚ 


                                               peace out! 

Pauperism- A Social Plight_

Hello folks, 

As you all know we are a social animal. We always involve ourselves in parties, gatherings, business meets etc.. Affirmative perception is we become a part of their happy times but every positive has some negative, so as our society in which we live.
If we try to be a vagabond, the zeal of exploring the world ends where we find our society ,our people at heck. Pauperism is a big issue, (According to a report  29.8% population of 1.35 billion lives below poverty line in India) ..How sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  • This Major issue is being world’s problem…Nevertheless, here the question arises ..What is pauperism /poverty?( Pretty general)….. When a person is unable to afford his/Her basic needs that Is shelter, food ..and sometimes extreme poverty leads to death:( Most people in the world are suffering, living below poverty line. Half people don’t have  sanitation, no water source, proper education, roads and many more. (According to reports, 98000 people died of diarrhoea every year due to lack of nutrition, sanitation)
  • There are lot reasons behind ,we can say some : High population growth, ever increasing prices of basic commodities, unskilled workers paid low ,weather conditions also and the most important is unequal distribution of wealth, due to which rich are becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. 

We can do something which can be a vantage to them : helping poor to create  their own business, bringing awareness and by getting doctors and clinics closer to rural areas, creating more job opportunities for them so that our GDP rises ,& we could turn the title of ‘Developing Nation ‘ to a Developed one and also to make this world a better place to live in. 
Hope it works:)

                                                  Peace out! 

Onerous life of a women…

Hello folks,  

Being a Neophyte I have selected this topic to be the title of my first blog.

Living in the 21st century, we still feel nostalgic. Although the world is full of opulence, still we never find peace. It isn’t because of the development that took place in recent years, But the issue is the notoriety towards WOMEN….. 

Women are the strongest no doubt it is. They are the preacher,Nurturer, The orator, lover, caretaker and the Most important biological aspect on Earth who gives birth to humans which isn’t a easy task ,quite clear It is The powerful can bear the hardest.

  • In India, specifically women are treated as goddesses on one side and on the other side they are facing ominous behavior of male folk everyday in the form of eve teasing, rapes etc… It is shameful that we can’t provide them the basic rights that they Deserve…why it is that males can walk with confidence everyday and females are always insecure,  a feeling of fear, indifference in their eyes living in the same ambience.
  • These things are very comman not only in India but in various other countries.. Criticism always persists… This havoc isn’t faced by women in their adulthood but it’s starts before their birth (shocking it is) when they are ‘doomed to death’ in their mother’s womb. Shame on our society if we can’t follow the rights of equality, to every person under law irrespective of men and women.

The striking question is if rights are made purposely for every individual why is it that women never use it?  

The true answer is many of them aren’t aware of their rights and the ones who know they never had the courage to stand and speak their mind.. How sad is this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Lack of expression is still there even though …The ideology behind this article is just to raise awareness among the women … WE NEED TO STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS AND BE THE SUPERIOR ONE!!! 

                                                   Peace out! ๐Ÿ™‚